_ Main activities



Risk management and consultation

Conducting marketing research to identify the target market
Determining the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the required product
Negotiating over obtaining the necessary licenses for sale
Risk management of the payments and obligations of the parties


Distributor identification

Identifying and selecting a skilled and experienced distributor
Assisting in the development of advertising strategy
Providing after-sales services for customers
Preparing the documents, required for the export of goods
Obtaining the international tenders abroad


Transportation and warehousing services

Providing logistics services and coordinating the transportation affairs
Offering advice on pricing the products (goods or services)
Supplying warehousing services in the target market
Providing export product packaging requirements


The benefits of using the services of EMC companies

International trade holds dangerous risks; thus, although it generates huge profits, if done without sufficient information, it would do a lot of damages to the traders. However, one way to receive more information and limit your personal responsibility in this matter is to use the services of export management companies. As a result of these companies’ performances, the export risks will decrease and export products will become stable and cost-effective, all due to having a strong and permanent distribution network in the target market, identifying weaknesses and strengths of the export infrastructures and exporting goods and services in a timely manner.

Familiarity with logistics services

As a matter of fact, logistics is a part of the supply chain that is responsible for moving a consignment and delivering it to the final recipient.

Logistics costs are very influential in increasing or decreasing the prime cost of goods and services. Factors influencing logistics costs include logistics management and control, warehousing and transportation.