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About Us

Export Management Company is a completely independent private company, which acts as an export sales department for businesses.

Commitment to maintaining a long-term relationship with producers and consumers distinguishes the nature of the export management company from other business units. As part of this commitment, export management companies are pursuing value-added promotion that covers areas other than international marketing.

It also offers services to create demands in international markets, to execute processing methods and to respond correctly to the foreign markets’ requests, so as to facilitate the foreign trades for businesses, as a result of which, the businesses would benefit from entering the global markets.

Therefore, Rose Tejarat Tara Company was established as an EMC to help the manufacturing companies in the polymer industry overcome the new conditions.

Hence, as its first step, Rose Tejarat Company has established two agencies in Spain and Russia, whose task is to create and develop sales networks in the target countries, whether wholesale or retail.

_ Some of our services

1- Russian and Eurasian countries’ market:

Russia is one of the main members of the Eurasian Union, which together with a number of other member countries, has established the Eurasian Customs Union. Last year, the Union signed a trade agreement with Iran to facilitate customs exchanges, which could create many benefits for Iranian companies in this large market.

2- Persian Gulf countries:

These countries present the best opportunity for international marketing for Iranian products. Since political issues have influenced the business relations in between them, creating a suitable storage platform and permanent exhibitions will to a great extent, help maintain and increase the market share of these countries.

writing a contract

It is essential to arrange a contract between the Iranian manufacturer and the Russian buyer, in which all the details, including the terms of payment and delivery, are stated. Using the laws on international consensual commercial trades (Incoterms), the method of transportation and the responsibility of the buyer and seller are also determined.